70 Hungarian postcards to the 70-year-old Israel

Kürtőskalács - Chimney cake

By Sándor Kodrucz - 2018-04-07

Translated from the Hungarian original: Bea Sara Goll

“The bakeries selling Kürtőskalács are popping up, one after the other in Israel, where the Szekelyföld [Transylvanian] cake is becoming more and more popular,” Hungarian papers wrote ten years ago. The Kürtőskalács did not succeed with the Israeli confectionery breakthrough. The would-be conqueror withdrew but did not give up its last position...


The Kürtőskalács Miki. Just like this. That's all.

His trademark sticks.

This is how he is known in Israel among gourmets with a sweet-tooth. Recognized even from far away by the typical vanilla-cinnamon fragrance.


As we know, on this Holy Land of bakeries, more or less and just roughly estimated, there are about as many as of Kochavit 9999 on a moonlit night, that is, one on each of the four corners of each roundabout. But of Kürtőskalács Miki, there is only one in Karmiel, where his wife is the commander of the cake section.


Miki made aliyah in 2001 and has been making cakes for 10 years everywhere on the 20,500km2 of the Holy Land. They are baking and selling their delicacies at the seven-story Haifa North Grand Canyon on the 2nd floor, but only on Thursday afternoons and Fridays until closing time. Anyone who misses them can try Miki's cakes at festivals, at Hungarian parties and wherever they are invited.

Miki and the chimney

Waiting for a chimney

With nuts

Here everything smiles at everybody – so does even the cake at the customer

With American coconut and cinnamon

What kind should it be?

Well, this will be good

Quark buns  and walnut-poppy rolls

Cake test snacks

Photos: Sándor Kodrucz; main image: Wikipedia

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