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Iron Dome from a dream

Dani Gold 

By Kallos Bea - 2018-02-22

Translated from the Hungarian original: Bea Sara Goll

Become a National Hero in Two Easy Steps!

  1. Have a dream that protects your home!

  2. Solve all problems encountered and implement your dream!

When their baby boy, Dani was born in 1962 in Tel-Aviv, Aviva and Avraham Gold who had come to Israel from the area of ​​Kosice after the war, probably did not dream that one day this kid would invent one of the greatest innovations of their new country, the Iron Dome that will protect the lives of millions. Obviously the tag of the little Dani at the nursery was not a rocket or radar, and when he joined the Air Force in 1983, no one had any idea of the potential hidden in this young man.

By the time Dani Gold became the Head of Defence Research and Development Directorate (DDR&D) in July 2016, a lot of water has flown down on the Yarkon, and our hero has proven himself in several positions, such as Head of Electronics and Electronic Systems, or Head of the Research and Development Unit. In 2012 he became the lead developer of the Iron Dome Group; its development plans have not yet been approved when this happened, which was later criticized by the State Audit Office. By the time he was decommissioned as Brigadier General in 2014, he had received the Israeli Security Award and was awarded four additional awards as the Air Force Commander.

Dani Gold - Photo: Iron Dome Count / Twitter

In 2014, he founded Gold R & D Technology and Innovation, a private enterprise that deals with research and development, innovation, computer security and smart and safe cities - alongside many others. And if that was not enough, Dani Gold is a volunteer leader of the Israel National Committee for Commercial/Civilian Cyber R&D and he is a Board member of Israel Brain Technology (IBT) Organization.


Here is what he himself has to say about his own achievements:


"In the course of history, every inventor was considered a dreamer or a lunatic if he was able to think outside the box and tried to invent some kind of new technology that had not existed before. When I started doing this, the academic circles were skeptical with me. This was perfectly justified, too, if you think about it, because the idea of ​​using radar to gauge the missiles within an unreasonably short time, while it calculates the location of the impact, and other missiles destroy the attacker if necessary sounded like science fiction. It was as if I had said: “yeah, when red snow falls from the sky!” But today I can proudly declare: what we thought was sci-fi has been implemented, and the defense system really does save lives.

If no one gives a damn about your idea, but you believe in it, listen to the voice inside you that helps you through this time and fight the windmills just the same. It is sometimes worthwhile to be Don Quixote. "

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