70 Hungarian postcards to the 70-year-old Israel

About the project

70 Hungarian post cards to the 70-year-old Israel

A colorful post card collection. Published daily, from February 8 until the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, April 18th.
What can the State of Israel be thankful for to the Hungarians?

We collected 70 items - 70 stories related to Hungarians. Of course, this is not an exhaustive inventory, just a cavalcade of colorful flashes. There are some items on our list the whole world knows about, such as the Aviva method or the Krav Maga, and then there are also Israeli people, concepts
or products of Hungarian ancestors, origins, makers or provenance that are at hand or over our heads every day, such as for example the Iron Dome. We have got our scientists - even Nobel laureates – as well as great artists,
famous actors, musicians and poets. There are historical figures and everyday heroes, the builders of factories and kibbutzim ... the builders of our nation! Theodor Herzl and Max Nordau and the supporting roles of the "Israel Story": confectioner, rabbi, illusionist, photographer, designer, architect. We have got newspapers, journals, museums, social organizations, and even a stork that returns from Hungary every year.

This is a family album. A "family" with Hungarian ancestors – and with an Israeli heart. Like all such collections, this will provide a historical cross-section as well as cultural, industry and science history. And of course, it will also chronicle daily life in Israel.
This is a rich, multi-genre series on Izrael70.hu about how we Israeli Magyars, Hungarian Israelis see ourselves here, in our celebrated country, from the first dreamers of a homeland to the present. The genre types stretch from report to lyrical remembrance, from thought-provoking essay to the gossip columns of a magazine.

Who would not like to leaf through such a collection? We might discover our relatives in it; maybe we even know them in person. Friends to hug and giants to admire as role models. Little and great stories. Pictures, vignettes, post cards or greeting cards. It is a present from us, Israelis with Hungarian roots to our young country for its 70th birthday.


We are looking for support in preparing this birthday present!


The above-described album will be posted online in Hungarian and in English at Izrael70.hu - the Hungarian online magazine about Israel, published by a non-profit civilian foundation based in Israel.


However, we would like a wider audience to become aware of our heart-felt celebratory present.


After completion, we plan to publish the series of articles as an album in the original Hungarian, as well as in Hebrew and English translation, which we will send as a traveling exhibition to the cities of Israel and Hungary. It will be produced in a layout amenable to exhibition and film formats, or a part of television series, school and state protocol events.


We have many plans, but our financial resources are scarce. Without your support, these plans cannot be implemented!


Be part of this festive publication. In return for your support, your name/logo will be highlighted as sponsor of the celebration project on our publication (article, book, exhibition, film, TV series).


Contact: Politzer Maymon Krisztina (izraelinfo1@gmail.com)

Translated from the Hungarian original: Bea Sara Goll

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